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The Curse of the House of Rookwood is a tabletop roleplaying game of family secrets and gothic horror. Tell the story of the cursed Rookwood family using a rules-lite system designed to inspire family drama and supernatural adventure in equal measure! A unique conflict system puts the story in the hands of the player -- you decide the stakes of every roll by stating what you hope could go right...and what you fear could go wrong.   Normal effort gives you a moderate chance of success, but pushing yourself to extraordinary effort carries both risk and reward.  Call upon the dark gift granted by your curse for the best chance of success, but you'll risk transforming into a nightmarish monster!

Family Drama
Every family has its dirty secrets. Your characters starts with a Skeleton that haunts your relationship with another family member -- a dark secret, a tragic mistake, or a grudge that one of you cannot let go. Your Skeletons aren't merely trappings for the background of your story.  The rules reward you and your family member for airing your dirty laundry and bringing the family drama to the fore. Will you confront the skeletons in your closet, or bury them in a shallow grave? Only blood will out.

Supernatural Adventure
The family curse grants a dark gift to each member of your family. Your gift manifests as a suitably Gothic trope  that you control -- shadows, crows, statues, mirror reflections, or fading memories. Choose one from a handcrafted list or create your own. Calling upon your curse is free-form and only limited by your creativity. The more you use your gifts, the more you risk transforming into an inhuman monster -- the true cost of your family curse. Will you use your dark gifts to protect your homeland from the creatures of the night? Or will you gaze into the abyss and become the true terrors in the darkness?

Rookwood Legacy
Start your family history in any place and time -- Victorian England, the Wild West, San Francisco in the swinging 1960s, or Vancouver in the conspiracy-obsessed 1990s.  As a full campaign, play through multiple generations of your family.  The trials and tribulations, and as well as the fate of your family Skeletons, sways the fortunes of your family from generation to generation.  Play to find out the ultimate fate of your family.  Will the House of Rookwood rise or fall?

The version presented here on itch.io is a playtest version, containing all of the core rules and a portion of the curses, monsters, and settings available in the full game.  


Rookwood Playtest Rules v.1.1.pdf 1 MB