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Rebels of the Outlaw Wastes is a gonzo adventure ttrpg set in a film-grained, hyper-saturated retro-dystopia. Strike a blow against the tyranny of the Powers That Be and free the downtrodden of the Valley with the power of friendship, whoopass, and explosions! Create your own stories of retro resistance inspired by Turbo Kid, Tank Girl, Solarbabies, Danger Days by MCR, and KIPO and the Age of Wonderbeasts.

You are Rebels, misfit outlaws that resist the authoritarian Powers that rule the Valley, the last vestige of civilization. Play as cyborgs, robots, mutants, or rock-n-roll nomads in a dangerous but beautiful wasteland left over from the collapse of the oldworld. Heed the call of The Voice, a mysterious DJ played by the GM that broadcasts hints and warnings into the Wastes to help guide Rebels to their destiny.

This is a playtest version of the rules. Feedback and comments are welcome! Join our discord community to get a first look at updates and help us make Rebels the best game possible.


  • Player-First! An original, player-first ruleset that draws inspiration from contemporary favorites like FitD and PbtA. Rolls are entirely player-driven -- beginning, middle, and end. Solve any problem with any Skill, add a Style and Gear to your roll, and choose the outcome a la carte directly from your character sheet. No wrong answers about what to roll, no reading or re-reading a paragraph of rules. Use BULLSEYE to shoot a lock off a door, wreck a raider’s war rig using your knowledge of physics with SCIENCE, impress a mutant biker by flexing with MUSCLE. 
  • Stickers! Character advancement is sticker-based. Complete achievements (CHEEVOS!) in real time to earn badges. Badges are improvements to specific skills and go directly on your character sheet in the form of stickers! Print your own on print-friendly label sheets or sticker sheets, or cut-and-paste like a true post-apocalypse scavenger.
  • VROOM! Short for Vehicle Relative Order and Orientation Map, VROOM is a visually intuitive ruleset for road combat/chase scenes. Create exciting and tactical scenes with muscle cars, motorbikes, boats, biplanes, or whatever else you can imagine. No measuring or counting squares, just meaningful relative position that focuses on the stakes of the scene.
  • World Building! Create your own version of the Valley and the Outlaw Wastes, and populate it with villainous Powers That Be that you will be eager to overthrow. With a single-page questionnaire, define everything you need to know to jump feet-first into the exploits of your Rebels.
  • 8 Backgrounds, 9 Callings, Endless Styles! Build your Rebel from any combination of 8 Backgrounds and 9 Callings, each with unique abilities and burning questions to drive their story. Mix and match over 20 styles to create your custom post-apocalypse Look, or invent your own. Your Rebel's fashion sense is just as important as their skill or gear, so make it RADICAL!


Rules & Writing by Michael Addison

Additional Writing by Banana Chan

Art by Alessandra Rostagnotto

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(12 total ratings)
AuthorNerdy Pup Games
GenreRole Playing
TagsColorful, Dystopian, Explosions, Fast-Paced, Post-apocalyptic, Retro, weird


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Rebels_Character_Sheet_v0.3.1.pdf 165 kB
Rebels_World_Sheet_v0.3.pdf 73 kB
Rebels_Badges_Letter.pdf 61 kB
Rebels_Map_Dryflats_Aurora.pdf 267 kB

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Rebels is now live on Kickstarter! We are funding physical books + STICKERS! Thanks so much to everyone that has read, played, commented, dreamed about, and shared the playtest version. 


May I suggest/request that your system become available on FoundryVtt, please? Maybe as part of the extended goals 

Great suggestion! I've used Foundry a little bit. VTT packs are something I'm interested in doing.

Also, in Foundry, it would be possible to make virtual stickers. It would be awsome

I had a chance to play this at Origins '22 and just wanted to drop a note that, aside from being a fantastic session, the game itself is fantastically well done. The VROOM system is really clever, and the core resolution mechanic is very clever and works well. I am looking forward to playing this one some more.

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Thanks so much! It was a blast playing with you! I'm going to release the Origins scenario as a demo/one-shot pdf soon.

Hey there I wanted to just touch base real quick about some feedback. I have been on the hunt for a fun rpg to introduce my kid and his friends too and this seems like a great fit. But I can picture pushback from the "whoopass" on the character sheet. Wouldn't presume to tell you what is should be obviously it's your game. But I feel like a more neutral term might make it more palatable for kids,

Just a thought it might not be your market at all!


How bout a family-friendly version of the character sheet and stickers that say "Kickbutt" instead of "Whoopass"? I'd be happy to do that. My intended audience is older, it might be a bit of a challenge to make an age-appropriate version of the full rules.

Ahh I totally understand! I think the art and vibe make me think I could make it age appropriate but maybe that's just not the case which I think is TOTALLY fine. I appreciate the response